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Privacy policy

I take the protection of your information seriously and am committed to meeting my
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The type of information I may want to collect from you includes your name, email
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I might collect personal data from you when you contact me via e-mail, post or
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The only reasons I collect personal data are so that I can process your requests,
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I will not disclose the information you provide to other organisations, institutions or
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Whilst I have in place methods to ensure your personal data is not misused or
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I may use cookies on the website for the purpose of monitoring your and other users’
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If I don’t currently hold your data, and you do not want me to use your personal data
in the ways outlined above, please do not submit the information to me. If you want

to correct or change any information I already hold about you, or have it removed
altogether, please email me at katharina@klug-art.com.
Likewise, please email me at katharina@klug-art.com if you have any complaints
or queries.

If I make any changes to this policy, I will post them on my website so that you will
always know what personal data I collect, how I use it, and what your legal rights

Cookies policy
Katharina Klug Ceramics is based in the EU and is therefore
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